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I’ve always looked for the magic: the sacred, the hidden meaning, whatever makes my spirit reach out.  I want to paint magic; I want the viewer to feel the magic when looking at my paintings.

As I explore imagery- that is, react to my environment, my thoughts, and research- I find that certain notions emerge on their own, and suddenly appear important.  Simple shapes, especially when rendered on a large area, become alive, significant and dream-like, like a lava lamp in action, with its undulating shapes moving against one another.  The negative spaces are embraced by the shapes or lines of trees, rocks, water. 

In the painting process, I concentrate on composition and contrast, keeping the colors earthy and neutral.  My techniques may result in the unpredictable, (watery paint, even spattering) yet controlled (drawing with graphite, charcoal and pastels.) This combination gives the viewer one experience from a distance but invites a closer look into the textures and layers. 

I have titled this series “Embrace” because it has been a time of letting go of old inhibitions or static ideas in painting. It is a time of evolving as an artist.

Detail, "Asleep Under the Mountain"
Detail, "Earth Arising"
Detail, "Earth Arising"
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