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In her Bon Air, Virginia studio, Terrie Powers continues a painting practice that began in the 1970’s. Her work demonstrates a deep connection to nature, where the viewer is taken in by a peaceful and organic surround, where the spirit recognizes that everything is sacred. 

Terrie’s works are on large wood panels, and the techniques involve wide arm-strokes as well as spattering and dripping the paint, thin transparent layers of acrylic, and sometimes drawing with chalk or graphite. “I believe there is magic to be felt and seen, and I stimulate the viewer to experience that magic.” Her favorite subject matter includes trees, mountains, water and sky.

Her works live in many private and corporate collections, including the Multi Faith Spiritual Center at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, The Children’s Hospital of Richmond, as well as the main branch of the Richmond Library.

Check out Terrie's Virtual Gallery HERE.


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