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Terrie Powers is a Richmond, Virginia-based visual artist. She has exhibited locally and from NYC to Palm Beach since the 1980’s, and her paintings reside in many corporate and private collections. Terrie was awarded Style Weekly’s Women In the Arts award in 2013.  Terrie has also worked as a theatrical set designer and scenic artist with Virginia Repertory Theatre (once Theatre IV and Barksdale Theatres) since 1981, and designed for other theatres such as Cadence Theatre, Quill Theatre (on tour), and for the Science Museum of Virginia.  Her sets for young audiences have been seen nationwide by thousands since 1981. 

Check out Terrie's Virtual Gallery HERE.


Artist’s Statement

I believe there is magic to be felt and seen, and I search for imagery that can stimulate the viewer to experience that magic.


I enjoy the mix of representational and abstracted, and juxtaposing dissimilar everyday objects to create a unique relationship---exercising my belief that everything is sacred.


Every work I have ever created is rooted in a deep connection to nature.  I like to lift elements up for cognitive appreciation, but also create a mythological surreality that can only be recognized by the spirit.


Because of my experience in painting theatrical scenery and mural-sized work, I enjoy using a full-arm motion of large brush strokes and even throwing or spattering the paint. I work in many layers of thin paint washes, shading with charcoal or graphite, and highlighting with chalk, to create a many-textured drawing aspect.  Painting is an experience that is visceral, physically active, and employing all senses. 

The mind is aware and the hand creates.

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